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  • In consideration of the extension of credit by Eazy Company, LLC (hereinafter, "Seller"), the undersigned (hereinafter, "Purchaser") hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions of all sales:
    1. Payment terms of sale are: Net due 19th of the month following each purchase. Invoices not paid within such time are past due and subject to service charge of 1.5% percent per month (effective rate is 18% percent per annum).
    2. Should this account upon default, be collected by or through an attorney at law, the undersigned agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees in addition to the principal indebtedness and interest thereon.
    3. Should Purchaser be a corporation, limited liability company, or partnership, for good and valuable consideration, including the extension of credit to the Purchaser, the undersigned, whether officer, partner, member, agent, or otherwise, agrees that by execution hereof on behalf of the Purchaser he, she or they is/ are personally liable, jointly and severally with the Purchaser, as a guarantor(s) for the payment of all indebtedness or liabilities incurred pursuant to this agreement. Demand for payment and notice of indebtedness and default are expressly waived.
    4. It is agreed that the sales, whether invoiced to the Purchaser in his or its individual, corporate or partnership name or in any trade name or in the name of any subsidiary company or in the name of any officer or agent, shall nevertheless be an indebtedness of the Purchaser hereon stated.
    5. Purchaser agrees to examine all invoices and statements promptly upon receipt and to notify Seller immediately of any failure of delivery, shortage, discrepancy, or error, and further agrees that such invoice or statement shall be presumed correct unless he or it shall notify seller in writing of such failure of delivery, shortage, discrepancy, or error within thirty (30) days of his or its receipt of such invoice or statement, which shall be presumed to have been received on or before the twenty-fifth (25th) day of the month succeeding purchases.
    6. Seller's warranty is limited to defective product. Seller disclaims all other warranties, express or implied, to the extent permitted by law.
    7. Purchaser agrees to immediately examine shipment and agrees to notify seller promptly of any errors in shipment and of any defective material supplied.
    8. Use of material shall constitute a waiver of any error in shipment or defect in material which might have been determined by a prompt and diligent inspection thereof.
    9. Seller retains title and a security interest in all products until paid for.
    10. This agreement shall be interpreted according to the laws of Oregon.
    I/We authorize any government agency, be it federal, state, or county, to furnish information to Eazy Company, LLC. NOTICE: DO NOT SIGN AGREEMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS THEREOF.